A TRADITION OF TRUST

                                    A TRADITION OF TRUST


Generations of Craftsmanship


Hail Damage Roofing provides complete storm restoration and roof replacements, gutters/downspouts, windows, and fences.


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The new roof looks very good, the job was very clean! Mike was very professional and detailed in all aspects of the roof replacement! It was done fast in a day and a half! Owner interacts in details with my house insurance company! Mike even replaced the gutters of the house at no charge because he wanted the job to look new even when my insurance did not cover all of it ;-) Great results and I would recommend this company
— Gloria M
We are very pleased with both the price that Mike gave us and especially the workmanship and follow-up. You can see that he really care about his customers and being a small company, he can really provide the attention. He really help navigate our insurance policy and worked closely with our adjuster to make sure we received the maximum compensation after our roof was damaged
— William B
Mike is a true professional. He really cares about his customers> I appreciate his concern and support, and did an excellent job in repairing my roof. I definitely would recommend him to friends and family
— Lincoya Y
Hail Damage Roofing replaced my roof and did a great job. They worked with my insurance and took care of everything quickly and painlessly
— Ron G


Our Revolutionary Philosophy

Hail Damage Roofing is a revolutionary taste of fresh air in the roofing industry. Long are the days of large companies overcharging customers to retrieve back their heavy overhead cost. HDR has flipped this concept on its head by embracing the very latest technology allowing us to be as efficient as possible. The HDR family prides itself for following the lead that the ever so loved "food truck" took on how to improve the customers experience when it came to dining out. It showed us that with a low overhead and the utilization of improving technologies that the food truck was able to be 1. mobile which freed itself from the high cost of a brick and mortar. This allowed the food truck the luxury of buying higher quality goods while still giving more food per order, thus enhancing the experience of the diner furthermore.

Your Choice

Todays consumer now has two options when it comes to dinning; they can either choose a traditional fine dining restaurant and wait in it's long waiting list for an open table which is usually by the bathroom of all places, because they say its the only place available. You sit down and go ahead and pay the extreme mark up price that is needed keep the lights above your head still lighting up your meal that looks as if were portions suitable for a mouse. In the end your meal was good, but your wallet hurts and your legs are numb for sitting down for 3-4 hours. Then you have the food truck experience; you show up and at most is a 5-10 minute line followed up by a smiling face of someone recognizable in the community taking your order. Your food is cooked fresh and served in a reasonable amount of time and because their reputation is how their business grows, the amount of food presented is usually enough for two and the price is fair to the cost of what the food truck pays. That is why the food truck explosion has happened, because you get more bang for your buck enhancing the reason of going out and eating



I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for price. I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.